Terms and conditions

Application of the terms and conditions

The purpose of this document is to define the general conditions under which Doca Vinyl sells pressed-on-demand vinyl records to its customers, as well as ancillary products such as printed covers and printed and integrated center labels on these records.

The contract is definitively concluded upon acceptance by the customer of the quote of the order issued by Doca Vinyl.


All orders will be validated and sent to production upon full payment of the invoice following acceptance of the order quote.

To obtain a final price, the customer must fill out the online form.

The quote will specify the details of the order, namely, number of copies, type of product, different printing options chosen, unit price and total price as well as the methods of delivery or pickup and their price separately.

All orders must be accompanied by the files necessary for the production of records and products, respecting the production requirements of Doca Vinyl.

Doca Vinyl is required to call on external service providers for the execution of various technical tasks, including printing services. Any variation in the rendering of impressions is not the responsibility of Doca Vinyl, which has contented itself with send the graphic files received from the client to its printer.

All quotes and product orders will be for a minimum of 100 units.

Intellectual property

The customer guarantees to be fully and totally the holder of all the exploitation rights relating to the works, in all their components (image, sound, text, etc.), such as the content of the masters provided to Doca Vinyl for their reproduction on the media and acknowledges having paid to the rightful claimants regardless of their current or future legal form, both Swiss and foreign, of all royalties and rights of any nature relating to the works.

The customer declares that the same applies to all distinctive signs (trademarks, designs, photographs, acronyms, logotypes) affixed to booklets, covers, etc., including the manufacturing would be entrusted to Doca Vinyl.

The customer must provide Doca Vinyl with the Ppresing license issues by SUISA. No work will be undertaken before receiving such license.

Any falsification of declaration will entail the total responsibility of the customer.

Deadlines and delivery

At the moment, Doca Vinyl only delivers in Switzerland to customers established in Switzerland. The delivery date of your order is estimated from two criteria subject to possible variations: production and delivery times.

The expected delivery times are given for information only and any delays, whatever the cause of this delay (delay in manufacturing or delay by the carrier for the delivery) do not give the buyer the right to cancel orders, refuse goods or to claim damages.

Doca Vinyl will choose a suitable carrier for the shipment of its goods.

Any apparent damage to the goods, or any obvious deficiency in the quantity of products delivered, must, in order to be admissible, have been reported to the deliverer, in its presence, on delivery. The materials are only insured at the request of the customer and at his costs.

Doca Vinyl will not be responsible for loss, theft or damage occurring during transport of the order.

It is possible for the customer to choose the pickup of goods from the workshop, within one week and during the opening hours indicated.

If the customer does not pick up the goods, Doca Vinyl reserves the right to charge for the storage service of them.

Doca Vinyl reserves the right to deny access to the Services to any person, any time and for any reason.


In the event of customer dissatisfaction with the sound quality of the records, Doca Vinyl will call a sound engineer of his choice, with instruction to carry out an analysis of the respective frequencies of material provided by the customer, on the one hand, and pressed vinyl on the other hand.

The costs of intervention by the sound engineer will be borne by the customer if this procedure invalidates the complaint made by the latter; it will be the responsibility of Doca Vinyl otherwise.

Any complaint must be sent within 48 hours of receipt of the order.


The customer will receive an invoice by email, which he must pay in full so that the production can start.

Payment must be made by bank transfer.


In the event of a dispute, the parties assign exclusive jurisdiction to the competent courts of the Canton of Vaud in Switzerland.