What is crowdfunding? Crowdfunding is a form of participatory financing, that is, an exchange of funds between individuals. It is based on the principle of financing a project by directly addressing those who may be interested. It is about a crowd of different people who will gather the necessary sum for the realization of the project.


We, the Doca Vinyl association, are the bearers of the project to create the only vinyl record pressing workshop in Switzerland. We count on you to help us realize this project and to collaborate with the music scene and the local economy.


In order to realize our project, we need your participation in our crowdfunding campaign. We already have a part of the total amount needed. The money received from the campaign will be used to complete the necessary amount to purchase the vinyl press as well as some peripheral equipment, transportation and installation of the workshop. Once we collect the missing amount, it will be possible for us to start pressing Swiss Made records. In return, we offer you different rewards depending on your contribution. Our rewards are based on three types of collaboration:


– The donation of the vinyl super fan: In return, you will receive the package with all the above options, a 2-hour DJ workshop or the first record pressed at Doca Vinyl.


– The targeted donation to the actors of the music scene: you will have the possibility to pre-order your pressing of 300 or 500 records or to become a partner by having different possible synergies.


As of June 21 midday, you will find all the information on the rewards as well as more detailed information about us and our project clicking on this link for a period of 45 days. So, have you already chosen the amount of your collaboration? Have you already chosen the reward that suits you the most?

Musical greetings

The Doca Vinyl Team